The Security Benchmark

Associate Consultants

The Security Benchmark has selected and approved external compliance security consultants based on their knowledge, professionalism and reputation within the Private Security Industry.

  • The security consultants represent their own client base and are utilised by the Security Benchmark to validate information on behalf of their clients.
  • They do not work directly for the Security Benchmark and do not represent the Security Benchmark brand in any way.
  • However, their guarantee negates the need for onsite audits and/or the upload of evidence to support the entries claimed against the Benchmarking criteria.
  • Strict terms and conditions are in place to ensure that the integrity and professionalism of all parties is maintained and controlled to protect the brand and its integrity.

Andrea Jones

Director | JOMU Ltd

Andrea started Jomu in 2005 and has been one of the leading quality consultants within the industry over recent years. She has a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from security services to security systems and alarm receiving centres.

Email / Website / Tel: 0800 634 8646

Victoria Brennan

Director | Fletcher Consultancy

Founded Fletcher Consultancy Ltd in 2008 after spending the preceding years managing quality and health and safety for Facilities Companies and Security Organisations.  She also completed a number of years as a third party auditor for the National Security Inspectorate.