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Make the most of your ACS score by benchmarking against your competitors.


ISO 9001-2015

Be compliant with ISO 9001-2015 by identifying risk and opportunities
through the Security Benchmarking process


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An additional (14 points) may be awarded if this
compares favourably and is used to generate
improvement and learning.


Benefits of the Security Benchmark

A meaningful differentiator

The Benchmark Reports

The Security Benchmark is giving all security services companies the opportunity to take advantage of a comprehensive benchmarking exercise. Click through to learn about our reports, and how they will help you improve.

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The “Security Benchmark Register” has been designed to promote security providers who have completed a Benchmark report and wish to be visible to interested stakeholders, new customers, and like-minded organisations.

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In order to achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold status a company will need to achieve a defined standard against the Core Criteria set within The Security Benchmark Awards. See how you compare.

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